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  • Decaf
A complete Arabic blend crafted into a light  body roast rendering a subtle morning punch with a deep earthy undertones and balanced flavor.  12oz:  ...


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A complete Arabic blend crafted into a light / medium body roast rendering a soft enzymatic coffee blossom with a warming malt like undertone & ...


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An exclusionary Arabic blend articulated via medium/dark body roast permeating a decadent expresso vim infused by a winey apricot undertone & ...


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An exquisite Arabica blend layered into a light/medium body roast yielding a decadent chocolate-butter aromatic with subtle fruity undertones & ...


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Coffee Bean, True Essence & Unveiling

Did you know that the essence of coffee comes from inside the coffee bean?  Its taste and aroma are extracted from the green coffee bean as a result of the roasting process.  There are many regions and types of Arabica coffee beans.  Hence each region offers different types of flavor attributes within its sensorial journey.

In most if not all cases the coffee experience is derived from the origin of the coffee bean rather than how the beans were roasted. Consequently a majority of coffee roasters use the same roasting apparatus and method.  Probat and Diedrich are the oldest manufacturers of commercial roasters and also the most prevalently used in the US.

These roasters characterize their product via the roasting profile developed by the where and how the coffee bean was cultivated.  For that reason coffee is marketed based on its geographic origin and how the green coffee bean was cultivated. In contrast to how it was roasted without impurities and tainted compromises.

The Secret Sauce

While Clean Slate Coffee (CSC) embraces the fundamental importance of where the Arabica green coffee bean originated from its not our secret sauce.  Above all we differentiate our coffee product via the unique ability to reach the maximum essence and purity of coffee.

This is realized via our exclusive roasting apparatus and clean methodology.  A process now disrupting the coffee paradigm to unveil a new coffee affair and taste.  Similarly this noteworthy achievement is due to its molecular gastronomic capabilities to denude coffee.   

In our undertaking to disclose the soul of coffee we have carefully designed a rare and extraordinary product line.  A sensorial manifesto defined by origin, cultivation and a sophisticated molecular roasting process.  In lieu of this mystifying experience we have taken a delicate approach to formulating 5 original profiles.   

Each profile is cupped and benchmarked via our tasting lab and studio in Midtown, Miami.  Every quarter we plan to incorporate seasonal profiles and experiences.  These products will range from coffee bean origin, flavor context and roasting temperature algorithm. 

Coffee Bean