We all know what it is and how it’s the second most consumed fuel on the planet. So for a moment we’ll skip the obvious stats to let you know what makes our coffee roaster different.


In the summer of 2014, after 18 months of certification, patenting and accreditation our industrial coffee roaster is born in Pembroke Park, Florida. CLEAN SLATE COFFEE & CO, (CSC) a FAMCO GROUP, INC. company, emanates from a story of passion, aspirations and an unparalleled commitment to excellence.


Most critics and consumers measure coffee based on the quality of the green bean. Unbeknownst to most consumers, even excellent green beans lose their taste characteristics during roasting. A frequent result caused by the absorption of combustion by-products when a coffee roaster is not cleaned between batches.



The conventional coffee roaster accumulates combustion waste on its walls and other parts. Unfortunately allowing every subsequent new batch of coffee beans to be exposed to the waste of the previous batch.


Our coffee roaster’s exclusive technology allows us to clean the roasting chamber after each batch. A process that prevents the formation of carcinogens in a low oxygen environment during the roasting process. Most importantly this function inhibits and removes by-products such as coffee husks, grain waste and other harmful substances.


CSC’s core frameworks are endowed by its ability to roast coffee with minimal environmental impacts while rendering a high quality, smooth and low carcinogen coffee.


Through its advance  roasting technology and operational planning (Roaster 2 Cup) CSC aims to impact, capture and add value to a small but noteworthy share of the US coffee consumption paradigm.


These objective are realized through CSC’s Triple Bottom Line Strategy and Product Differentiators. This mandate implements equal consideration and sustainability to farmers, the industry, the consumer market place and the environment.


Our business strategy is designed by a multi-dimensional analysis that identifies and stratifies the following dimensions; Market, Technology, Product, Process, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Organization, Leadership and Accreditation.


CSC is not forged via an elaborate marketing mix supported by an untenable story. CSC is built on its unique sensorial experience and ability to transport you with every sip. An innovative acme defined by three pillars:  Health, Taste and Economics (HTE).