We all know that coffee is the second most consumed fuel on the planet. So for a moment we’ll skip the obvious stats to let you know what makes our coffee roaster different.


Welcome to Clean Slate Coffee! After decades of hard work, in 2014 our industrial coffee roaster was born in Pembroke Park, Florida. Clean Slate Coffee & Co, a Famco Group, Inc. company, begins from a story of passion, aspirations and an unparalleled commitment to excellence. Through rigorous research, we have been able to create a unique way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.



Most critics and consumers measure coffee based on the quality of the green bean. Many people don’t know, even excellent green beans lose their taste characteristics during roasting. How have we been able to combat that from happening? Air roasting. The conventional coffee roasting process accumulates toxins and other wastes that affect all the batches that are roasted afterward.


The ability to clean after each batch ensures we bring out the purest and finest quality from our roaster to your cup. This process allows us to eliminate the formation of carcinogens and other harmful substances, bringing out the best taste in our coffee. At Clean Slate Coffee, we truly believe we have created the world’s best “Green Coffee”. Not only during our roasting process are we able to eliminate 40% of our carbon footprint, we are certified Kosher as well!


CSC is not forged via an elaborate marketing mix supported by an untenable story. CSC is built on its unique sensorial experience and ability to transport you with every sip. An innovative coffee defined by three pillars:  Health, Taste and Economics (HTE). We cannot wait to share our unique product from our roasters to your cups!

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