Innovative coffee roasting, an exclusive process yields new heights in quality, taste and aromatic experience. Discover the true essence of Coffee. 

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  • Arabica 3 Region Blend
  • Arabica 4 Region Blend
  • Arabica Single Region
  • Decaf
A complete Arabic blend crafted into a light  body roast rendering a subtle morning punch with a deep earthy undertones and balanced flavor.  12oz:  ...


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A complete Arabic blend crafted into a light / medium body roast rendering a soft enzymatic coffee blossom with a warming malt like undertone & ...


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An exclusionary Arabic blend articulated via medium/dark body roast permeating a decadent expresso vim infused by a winey apricot undertone & ...


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An exquisite Arabica blend layered into a light/medium body roast yielding a decadent chocolate-butter aromatic with subtle fruity undertones & ...


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We are the epitome of Innovative Coffee Roasting, Offering The Cleanest & Tastiest Cup Of Joe On The Planet.

CLEAN SLATE COFFEE (CSC) is a commercial coffee roaster and retailer.  Due to our innovative coffee roasting method we produce the cleanest artisanal coffee and exquisite taste.

  • HOW: Discover The Pure Essence Of Coffee
    HOW: Discover The Pure Essence Of Coffee
    Our exclusive patented and innovative coffee roasting process is comprised of a precision controlled fluidized bed roasting (hot air vapor) chamber. As a result our process enables high homogeneity and purity that allows the coffee bean to permeate its true essence and fantastic flavor.
  • WHERE: A Sensorial Experience
    WHERE: A Sensorial Experience
    Most noteworthy our innovative coffee roasting profile renders an extraordinary brew. Above all transporting the senses with each sip while always exceeding the expectation in every cup.
  • WHY:  Low Carcinogen Coffee
    WHY: Low Carcinogen Coffee
    Finally with this innovative coffee roasting technology we are able to clean the roasting chamber after each batch. In contrast to other roasters that don't clean after each batch. Our result ensures we produce a low carcinogen and healthier coffee.
    • Advance Innovative Coffee Roasting • High Quality • Kosher • Fair Trade • Fresh From Florida • Low Carcinogen • Rich Aromatics • Superior Taste • Dynamic Profiling • Sustainable • Low Carbon Footprint

More than

26 Million

cups served, altering the taste palate of our loyal customers.

Our clients say


David Cohen

As a consumer transparency is very important.  CSC is the real deal delivering a clean and excellent tasting product.

Erica Nicoles

The smoothest coffee I've ever had.  No bitterness or after taste.

Edwin Rodriguez
Corporate Finance

The name speaks for it's self, a very clean cup of joe.   Deep subtle and vibrate flavors with no substitute in taste and health benefits.

Jennifer Minotti

The most sophisticated roaster and coffee I've ever experienced.  Their finished product preserves purity while yielding an unforgettable taste.

Jorge Vero

I've been drinking coffee all my life and suffer from acid reflux.  Clean Slate Coffee taste amazing, its smooth and doesn't cause acid.

USDA Organic Coffee Beans
Kosher Coffee
Fair Trade Certified Coffee
Certified Colombian Coffee
Florida Fresh
EPA Certified Roaster
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